A-Z Colleges

For over 30 years allnations has been delivering relevant holistic training and preparation for cross-cultural mission across the world. Our 'heads, hearts and hands' approach gives men and women effective tools for world mission. Our training focuses on 3 key areas: Biblical understanding and application, intercultural understanding and communication, and personal development provides understanding of ourselves and others.
Belfast Bible College is a vibrant and diverse non-denominational Christian training college situated between the cities of Belfast and Lisburn, with over 200 full-time students from the UK, Ireland and around the world.
What's it all about? Our desire at Capernwray is: To provide an environment where people of all ages can discover, develop or reignite a living relationship with Jesus To study, understand and communicate the message of God's written Word, the Bible to be equipped to serve Jesus Christ in your local church or mission regardless of your occupation
Cliff College has a long and rich heritage of providing theological education and training in mission, evangelism, leadership, church pioneering and youth/children ministry that is both relevant and forward thinking.
King's Evangelical Divinity School is a leading distance education theological institution offering short courses as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees validated by the University of Chester.
London School of Theology (LST) is the largest interdenominational evangelical theological college in Europe. A community resourcing over 350 students on site and over 1,000 more via online / distance learning, with Jesus Christ as the focus of its life, work and worship. We offer cutting-edge training and preparation for the ministry, mission and marketplace.
Our objective is to train men for pastoral and preaching ministry. We believe this task is of supreme importance for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the building of his church. We were founded as London Theological Seminary in 1977, under the vision and leadership of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones.
Moorlands College exists to equip people, passionate about Jesus Christ, to impact the Church and the world. We aim to deliver courses that are biblically-based, academically rigorous and culturally relevant, grounding everything in practice to facilitate effective service to God in today’s world and to create a supportive community, which promotes spiritual, personal and relational maturity. Our BA and MA courses are validated by the University of Gloucestershire.
We set out to create a community that encourages students to explore their calling, while challenging them to consider what role they can play in the future.
Spurgeon’s College is a leading theological college in the UK. We offer a range of courses suitable for anyone with an interest in theology ranging from church members who simply want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith through to those who are studying for a PhD. Our courses are flexible, practical, personal, evangelical and rooted in the Bible. We have a range of online courses for those who prefer to study at home.
St John's College is a theological college using creative christian learning to train ordinands, independent students, distance learning students and students studying for work in children's and youth ministry.