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The Association of Bible College Principals consists of most of the leading providers of evangelical theological training in the UK and Ireland.

Some of the colleges have been in existence for more than a century, while others have developed more recently. Some of the colleges are linked with particular Christian denominations or groups of churches, while others have no denominational affiliations. The majority of colleges offer academic programmes in theology and related areas, validated by a public university.

Membership of the Association is an indication to prospective students and the wider world of a college's evangelical commitment , its good standing in the Christian community and of the integrity of its academic and administrative processes.

All of the colleges are committed to theological training that prepares people for Christian service in a variety of contexts, including church based ministry, international mission, community and charitable work, academic careers and other professions.

The Principals of the colleges have an annual conference to discuss strategic issues in theological education.

The colleges are delighted to co-operate in the provision of this website and in a number of other initiatives of mutual interest.


The current officers of the Association are:

Chairman – Steve Brady, Moorlands College

Secretary – Edwin Ewart, Irish Baptist College

Treasurer – Richard Tiplady, Scottish School of Christian Mission


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